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ᏣᎳᎩ (chr)


[1] ᎤᏍᏉᎵ (usquoli)
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  • -ᏍᏉᎵ-, squoli - abdomen (root, never stands without pronoun prefix)
  • ᎤᏍᏉᎵ, usquoli - an abdomen (not connected to person or animal, severed)
  • ᎠᎩᏍᏉᎵᎢ, agisquoli('i) - my abdomen
  • ᏣᏍᏉᎵᎢ, tsasquoli('i) - your abdomen
  • ᎤᏍᏉᎵᎢ, usquoli('i) - his/her abdomen
  • ᎢᎩᏂᏍᏉᎵᎢ, iginisquoli('i) - our abdomens (the two of us)
  • ᏍᏗᏍᏉᎵᎢ, sdisquoli('i) - your abdomens (the two of you)
  • ᎣᎩᏍᏉᎵᎢ, ogisquoli('i) - our (not your) abdomens (the two of us)
  • ᎢᎩᏍᏉᎵᎢ, igisquoli('i) - our (including you) abdomens
  • ᎣᏥᏍᏉᎵᎢ, otsisquoli('i) - our (not your) abdomens
  • ᎢᏥᏍᏉᎵᎢ, itsisquoli('i) - your abdomens (all inclusive)
  • ᎤᏂᏍᏉᎵᎢ, unisquoli('i) - their abdomens